Friday, 24 February 2012


This is one of my ideas, it was meant to have a basement which is why there isn't a fire place.

Floors are meant to be long boards, walls are stones of random size, largest ones being at the bottom

It is unfinished.

Witch and Grethel Face

Witch and Grethel

these are drawings I did a while back

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Location and story

The house is in the middle of the forest, the forest shows signs of evil and something is not right. The kids come from a near by city around 500,000 residence, I feel like a larger city would make a more believable scene for a kid to have  a cyborg arm. They live at the edge of the city limits across from the forest.

The story is pretty similar, the kids get abandoned in the forest by there parents. they find the house, and start to eat it, but get caught by the witch. The witch does scare them, but her voice clams there fears, the witch face is covered so to them she looks normal who is just someone in hard times as well, so they follow her inside. Hansel's cyborg arm is hiding from view, he covers it because it is a sign of a poor person and is somewhat looked down upon because it is less advanced.

The House

Somewhat standard gingerbread house from the outside. not sure if it will have 1 floor or 1 floor and a basement.

The kitchen I plan to still look like it is made out of candy, if there is a basement, it will look like a old basement house that hasn't been used in years.

Blue prints are coming soon!

The Oven

I don't have any reference photos right now, nothing right now is really going with the idea I want. I have 3 different ideas.
The first idea is having the oven in the basement hidden from view from the kids, but they can tell from the cracks in the floor that there is something down there.
Second idea is having the oven on the first floor at the back in the center of the kitchen, it will look like a regular oven till the witch turns it on.
The third idea is having a giant oven/machine that is very big with lots of pipes openings, just something scary big, in the same position as the second idea. In both second and third idea, the oven will be right across from the cages that Hansel and Grethel will be in.

The position of the oven, should be important, it symbolizes the heart of the witch and house so the oven will be located in the center of the house, I Hope.

Grethel idea

I got the idea for Grethel from Ofilia from Pan's Labyrinth. mostly because the look is kinda what I imagine, except she has long hair and wears a bandana.